About Me

I am Team Lead – Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer (Knowledge Discovery ) at University of Kansas Medical Center. Goal-oriented and the top performer in the current team of 20 for the last 3 years, promoted in every single performance evaluation. More than 8 Years of professional programming experience with two years of extensive coding experience during Masters in STEM field.

Lav Patel at northern California coat line

  1. Proficient with Python, R, SQL, Bash, C++, Docker, Linux, Git, Databases (Oracle, MySQL, Postgres), HTML
  2. Familiar with JavaScript, PHP, Java, GO, CSS
  3. Go-to person for finding bugs and improving the speed of Python, R, SQL code, and also tuning Oracle Database (DBA role)
  4. Code Review, Test-Driven Development
  5. Building Data-pipeline from various data sources
  6. Architecting and Developing Systems that Scale and keep flexibilities for the future.
  7. Leading Technical Team – Setting Technical Direction(Strategic Roadmaps), mentoring, and un-stucking Jr. Engineer.
  8. Ability to lead multiple projects at the same time.
  9. Ability to work with various stakeholder teams and come to an agreement.
  10. Ability to lead a different types of software development. e.g. Leading Infrastructure Team, Leading Informatics/software engineering Team
  11. Experienced with Distributed Systems (Spark, Impala, Hbase, MapReduce, Hadoop) Experience with data analysis and visualization frameworks (Pandas, NumPy, Mathplotlib)
  12. Contributed to open-source Machine Learning Algorithm (xgboost) and published the paper and also fixed a bug of another open-source software called I2B2 which dramatically improve query time.
Pacific Ocean View from Lav Patel San Francisco Apartment