About Me

I am Team Lead – Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer (Knowledge Discovery ) at University of Kansas Medical Center. Goal-oriented and the top performer in the current team of 20 for the last 3 years, promoted in every single performance evaluation. More than 8 Years of professional programming experience with two years of extensive coding experience during Masters in STEM field.

This photo was taken right after I got  my first Job on California cost close to San Jose.
Lav Patel at northern California coat line

  1. Proficient with Python, R, SQL, Bash, C++, Docker, Linux, Git, Databases (Oracle, MySQL, Postgres), HTML
  2. Familiar with JavaScript, PHP, Java, GO, CSS
  3. Go-to person for finding bugs and improving the speed of Python, R, SQL code, and also tuning Oracle Database (DBA role)
  4. Code Review, Test-Driven Development
  5. Building Data-pipeline from various data sources
  6. Architecting and Developing Systems that Scale and keep flexibilities for the future.
  7. Leading Technical Team – Setting Technical Direction(Strategic Roadmaps), mentoring, and un-stucking Jr. Engineer.
  8. Ability to lead multiple projects at the same time.
  9. Ability to work with various stakeholder teams and come to an agreement.
  10. Ability to lead a different types of software development. e.g. Leading Infrastructure Team, Leading Informatics/software engineering Team
  11. Experienced with Distributed Systems (Spark, Impala, Hbase, MapReduce, Hadoop) Experience with data analysis and visualization frameworks (Pandas, NumPy, Mathplotlib)
  12. Contributed to open-source Machine Learning Algorithm (xgboost) and published the paper and also fixed a bug of another open-source software called I2B2 which dramatically improve query time.
Pacific Ocean View from Lav Patel San Francisco Apartment